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Since 1823, food and lodging have been offered on the site where Braddock’s Tavern now stands.

This three story, frame and clapboard structure was erected in 1844. Although the exact builder remains unknown, it is believed to be the work of Josiah Tamberson, architect and builder from the Rancocas Valley area.

Reconstruction of the building began following a dramatic fire in the winter of 1843. The blaze destroyed all but the stone foundation and adjacent outbuildings and carriage houses.

Historical records indicate the reconstruction commenced the following spring and followed closely the original plans dating back to 1823. It is possible however, that the nine small “overnight rooms” and dormers, which still exist on the third floor, may have been the new builder’s own idea.

The reconstructed building operated as an inn and hotel through the late 1800’s. Known as the “Medford House Hotel”,this building and several surrounding lots were purchased by Charles Braddock in 1898. The name was soon changed to Braddock’s Tavern, and has continued so to our present day.

A visit to the Pub Lounge of the Tavern will offer a poignant reflection of earlier times in the Village of Medford and days gone by at this, the local roadhouse. Indeed, many of the original documents and photographs, as well as the frames themselves, were actually recovered from the attic and basement of this very building during renovations.

Braddock’s Tavern currently offers fine dining on two floors in a marvelous colonial atmosphere. The present day traveler will find a varied menu filled with an assortment of fresh seafood, poultry, veal, and beef.

In addition to the intimate dining rooms of the main tavern, Braddock’s offers two elegant banquet facilities. Formerly the site of Earl Braddock’s adjacent shop and storehouses, Colonial Room, which seats 150 guests, and Tamberson Hall, accommodating up to 75 guests, are without a doubt, the most beautifully detailed facilities of their kind.

Lovingly restored and rich in history, Braddock’s Tavern offers the present day traveler a delightful setting for fine dining and elegant private parties.

Please call 609-654-1604 or email for banquet information and large reservation inquires!